Real Cool Futures wants to surprise and inspire.

More people than ever before are using their talents to work in jobs that have a positive impact on the future. Search our site and discover all sorts of people with all kinds of interests and all kinds of skills. Our case studies feature people who are earning their living doing jobs which are helping us to adapt to environmental challenges like climate change. From food to fashion, every part of our life has an effect on our planet. What part could you play in the future of our world?


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it features a selection of our case study individuals telling us why their job means the world to them.

Featured Films

  • Kathy Hughes, Environment Agency

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    "The effects of climate change can be difficult to predict, but the work that I'm involved with enables wildlife and fish to adjust to a changing environment."

    Kathy Hughes - Fisheries Officer
  • Danny Francis, Plug Into The Sun

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    "I guess I feel I’m part of making a difference to the way we use energy and helping to cut down on the use of oil and coal."

    Danny Francis - Solar Panel Installer
  • Anuj Saush, LSBU

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    "I enjoy working with people to really make a difference in the challenges of climate change and reducing the environmental impacts of the university."

    Anuj Saush - Energy & Environment Manager

Who, what, how, where

Are you wondering what to do with your life? Most of us are! You may be thinking about how you could make the best of your talents and make a difference at the same time?

Right now we live in exciting times. The world is waking up to the environmental challenges we face and big things are happening. Across the UK more people than ever before are earning their living in jobs that have a positive impact on our world. Here, you can find out loads about them. Jump in and search our inspirational bank of case studies. Meet people, see what they're into, how they got there, why they bothered.

We hope you're surprised and inspired by how creative and inventive many of the jobs are. From people who produce what we eat and wear, to the people behind the homes we live in, the energy we use and the transport we take. These jobs affect the way we shop, the rubbish we throw away and holidays we take. You’ll find jobs in all these categories and more on the site. Change is happening fast and new jobs are appearing all the time. Not seen your thing yet? Perhaps you could be the first to make it happen?

Who Are We?

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green talent summer school 2009 - film

Click here to watch a film of the 20 young people who came to Eden last summer to prepare for their work experience placements in green jobs - in partnership with Arrival Education.

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